Cctv Installation

CCTV Camera and Security System

Tekraja have dedicated CCTV technicians for fixing security surveillance camera at your home, factory, office, public places. Nowadays CCTV camera plays the vital role in crime investigation and also helps to keep your place in hand (smartphone, laptop, and tablet via internet). For monitoring the activities of the workers CCTV camera helps a lot for business owners. CCTV camera gives a confidence “you are safe now”.

By our professional experience in the field CCTV and Security System Installation, our technicians knows that which specified camera is fit for the location, where client need protection. Choosing a camera for the location very important in CCTV camera installation.

In the market there are more variety of cameras for satisfied the needs of clients. Here we provide some varieties of CCTV Camera.

Why choose Tekraja as CCTV Dealer

CCTV Dealer must have a technical knowledge about the products. Where to use the product and which product is suitable for the location. As a professional technician ordinal recommends right products for their clients. By choosing Tekraja as your CCTV dealer and CCTV Technician you leave the worry about wasting money in unnecessary products.

Tekraja maintain direct dealership with manufacturer and distributors in various brands.

Difference between Bullet Camera and Dome Camera

Bullet Camera

Mostly used for outdoor locations. Bullet camera have IP66 weather proof technology, so it is fit for outdoor. It never get down by rain or high sun light.

Dome Camera

Mostly used for indoor places like shop, office, factory. Dome camera don’t have weather proof, but it have IP65 dustproof technology. Dome cameras looks beautiful when compared to bullet camera.

Usage of ANPR CCTV Camera in Traffic Control

ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recording CCTV Camera save the vehicle no in the hard disc and take a snap of the vehicle. It helps to identify the victims travel flow, those who have crime record.

Advantages of H265 Technology DVR/NVR in CCTV Camera Installation

H265 is high compressed video format that helps to reduce the consumption of storage space.

Advantages of using WDR CCTV Camera instead of normal CCTV Camera

Wide Dynamic Range Cameras helps to reduce the dark or light environment to normal environment. For vehicle passing areas, sun light flow areas fix WDR CCTV Camera is must to get clear visual.

Advantages of using Color Vu CCTV Camera instead of normal CCTV Camera

Color Vu CCTV Cameras given color display even in night dark environment. Normal camera given black and white output in dark environment. By using Color Vu CCTV cameras get clear videos in darkness.

Difference between Bullet Camera and Dome Camera

Analog Camera

Used for entry level protection for the home and small shops. It helps to manage small range of areas. Video and audio captured by analog camera stores in hard disk by the help of Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

IP Camera

Used for high level protection required areas like church, schools, hospitals, malls, apartments and mostly public places. IP Camera helps to handle large no of cameras under one software. Video and audio captured by IP camera stores in hard disk by the help of Network Video Recorder (NVR).