Projector Installation

Education and Corporate projectors

High brightness projectors

Interactive projectors

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Lighting and signage projectors

2. Home Projectors

Home cinema projectors

Pro cinema projectors

Laser projection TV

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Mini projectors

1. Official projectors

Education and Corporate projectors

Tekraja gives highly important for an education and to use this technology that makes learning continuous and efficient. Tekraja projector technologies support this dynamic learning environment.

High Brightness Projectors

Best preference for lecture halls, auditoriums, events and digital signage .These projectors has good image quality, brilliant video and professional-grade reliability.

3. Interactive projectors

Tekraja provides interactive projectors best for e-learning, and business meetings and presentation. Finger Touch and Pen Interactivity The modern touch screen interfaces are the highlights of these projectors.

4. Digital Lighting and Signage Laser Projectors

Tekraja provides these projectors make your day unforgettable moment.

2. Home Projectors

Home cinema projectors

Relaxing yourself in your home like a theatre with high quality video and audio by using home cinema projectors.

Pro cinema projectors

Tekraja provides Pro cinema projectors

The deep details with ultimate colours makes you unbelievable enjoyment.

Advantages of Tekraja projecors

Lower Maintenance

Energy Efficiency

Throw Distance

Better Overall Image Quality

Mini projectors

Tekraja provides mini projectors are small, cute, attractive design and fit within any décor.

Why do you want buy these projector from Tekraja?

Tekraja projectors that are affordable to purchase, cost-effective and have low maintenance cost and economical consumable.

Tekraja interactive display solutions provide perfect view without losing image quality or needing constant zoom adjustment.

Students are very interested to learn from these good quality of brightness and colours.

Collaborate more effectively and connect easily.

Make every meeting a collaboration is mindfulness